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Top features:

– 4K Ultra HD HDR resolution for the same quality as high-end TVs

– Bright laser images with up to 30,000 hours of life

– Project in any room from as close as 58 cm

4K Ultra HD HDR

Don’t be restricted by the size of your TV – the Acer VL7680 Home Cinema Projector lets you watch anything from your favourite films to the latest boxsets, all on a screen of up to 300”. And because the VL7680 projects in 4K Ultra HD (the same resolution as the latest TVs), you won’t be compromising on image quality.

To make sure every film looks just like it does in the cinema, the Acer Home Cinema Projector has four HDR modes, so even if you’re watching a moody noir film the dark tones will stay crisp and clear. So you won’t miss a thing in horror films or get ambushed during shadowy scenes in your favourite games.

Bright laser images

Gone are the days of having to block out every inch of sunlight to see a projected image. The VL7680 Projector has a laser light source that’s capable of bright images that look great even during the day, so you can show off your favourite family videos without needing blackout curtains.

The laser has a huge 30,000 hours of life, which amounts to almost 3 and a half years of non-stop use, or over a decade if you watch eight hours of films every day. So don’t worry about losing out on brightness or image quality in years to come – the VL7680 has you covered.

Project in any room

Don’t have the space to project a massive 300” screen? That’s fine, the projector can be placed as close as 58 cm from the wall. And of course the bigger the space you have, the bigger the screen.

Get the most out of your Home Cinema Projector with our range of projector screens, so that you don’t have to worry about finding a blank wall large enough for the image. The Optoma range spans up to a huge 92”, so that you can bring a genuine cinematic feel into your home.


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