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The Acer X1223H HD Ready Office Projector puts your perfect presentation in the best possible light. Even under natural light, the bulb is bright enough for your presentation to be seen, so you don’t need to plunge the room into darkness.

The large projection size and a throw distance of up to 10 m means you don’t need to spend time before the meeting getting the projector set up “just so”. The inbuilt speaker further minimizes the setup time required for your presentation, and lets you connect to your laptop with just an HDMI cable.

Instead of leaning over to your laptop whenever you need to change slides or play a video, the included remote control lets you present without breaking stride.

Don’t forget your accessories

Ensure your presentation looks its best with our range of projector screens, so that any room can be turned into a meeting space. The Optoma range spans up to a huge 92”, so that you can present talks, speeches, and more to rooms of any size.


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