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Top Features: 

– Four spray levels to achieve a thorough clean

– AirDry technology automatically opens the door to air dry items

– GlassCare program and SoftSpikes ensure that delicate glassware is cleaned carefully

– TimeBeam technology projects the remaining time on the floor

Four spray levels

The AEG AirDry Technology FSS63400P Slimline Integrated Dishwasher helps you to achieve a thorough clean with every cycle. With four different spray levels including a ceiling spray and satellite spray arm, you can be sure that every item in the load is flawlessly clean.

AirDry technology

AirDry technology uses natural air to dry the contents of the dishwasher by automatically opening the door 10cm during the drying cycle. This helps to reduce energy costs while providing immaculately clean and dry kitchenware.

GlassCare program and SoftSpikes

With seven different wash programs to choose from, you can find the ideal settings to clean any load.

The GlassCare program guarantees that even your most delicate glassware is protected throughout the cleaning cycle. The dishwasher cleans at a reduced temperature of 45°C, before rinsing at 60° and cooling down gently.

Rubber SoftSpikes ensure that all glassware remains stable when loaded into the dishwasher and throughout the cycle. By providing additional support for your glasses, SoftSpikes guarantee that each glass is cleaned with precision and with minimal chance of damage.

TimeBeam technology

With the FSS63400P‘s ingenious TimeBeam system, guessing when the cycle has finished is no longer a necessity. The appliance projects a red beam on the floor to indicate when a cycle is in progress, and the exact remaining time.


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