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Top features: 

– Grill function for quick results

– Recipe assist to make gourmet meals

– LCD display and touch controls for intuitive usage

– Enamel coating for a spotless appliance

Grill function   

Cooking, grilling, reheating and defrosting is easy with the AEG KME721000M Built-in Microwave with Grill.

Take advantage of the powerful grill function. Faster than a traditional oven, it toasts, crisps and browns your entrees and main courses with delicious precision.

Recipe assist function

This AEG microwave lets you automatically adjust temperature and time settings for eggs in the morning, soups in the afternoon, and hearty lasagnes in the evenings, simplifying control of your food preparation.

LCD display and touch controls

In addition to fully programmable times, intuitive touch controls let you know exactly what’s going on in your kitchen.

A cool temperature oven door keeps your working area safe so that you can whip up delicious recipes securely.

Easy-clean enamel

Keeping the KME721000M clean is as simple as giving it a good wipe, thanks to the appliance’s enamel coating. Anti-fingerprint coating on the metal finish keeps away unsightly markings on the outside, helping you maintain a shiny and inviting kitchen.

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