AEG SteamBake BES356010M Electric Steam Oven with SenseCook Food Probe – Stainless Steel


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Our experts have some serious techsperience, and they think you’ll love this AEG SteamBake BES356010M Electric Steam Oven. As well as the SteamBake function, we particularly like the SenseCook food sensor, which tells you when everything’s done just how you want it. 

PlusSteam function

The AEG SteamBake BES356010M Electric Steam Oven features a PlusSteam function, allowing you to add steam while baking. With the simple press of a button, steam is added at the beginning of the process to keep dough moist on the surface. This can help you to create crispy and tasty breads, muffins and pies with ease.

Steam can also be used to prepare other meals, such as roast chicken and lasagne for delicious results.


You can achieve ideal cooking results every time as the oven features a SenseCook food probe, exclusively available at Currys PC World. This allows you to measure the core temperature from the centre of your dish during the cooking process, making it easier to monitor your meal.

Hot Air system

The multifunction BES356010M has a Hot Air convection system which circulates hot air even throughout the cavity. That means the oven heats up faster, as well as allowing you to cook efficiently at lower temperatures. This can help to save you both time and energy, taking the hassle out of cooking meals.


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