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Top features:

– Perfect temperature to store your favourite wines

– Tinted glass to protect bottles from UV rays

– Ideal storage angle to prevent wine from oxidising

Perfect temperature    

Keep your favourite wines at their best with the AEG SWE61501DG Integrated Wine Cooler. By maintaining an optimum temperature, the wine cooler prevents corks from drying out and builds the complexity of flavours so that each bottle is delicious and enjoyable.

Tinted glass

Make sure your wines do not deteriorate with exposure to sunlight. The SWE61501DG is designed with specialist tinted glass that protects your prized wine from UV rays so you never disappoint that special guest.

Internal LED lighting gives you full view inside the cooler, making it easy to choose your preferred bottle.

Ideal storage angle

Wooden shelves provide the ideal surface for supporting your wines in a flat position. The submerged cork prevents air from entering the bottle by forming a seal to stop the wine from oxidising.


Door hinged on right: Door reversal is not available on this product – please don’t select door reversal service when adding this product to your basket.


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