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Top features

– Store your wine easily with a capacity of up to 20 bottles

– UV protection for your bottles of wine

– Adjustable wooden shelves for versatility

– Constant temperatures to ensure your wine is at its optimum temperature

Store your wine easily

The AEG SWE63001DG Integrated Wine Cooler can fit up to 20 bottles of your favourite wines. This means you’ll have plenty of space for your wine collection and can keep it fresh, preventing corks from dying out and spoiling the flavour of your wine.

UV protection

The specialist glass protects your wine from external UV rays while the LED lighting inside makes it easy to admire your collection and pick out your desired bottle.

You can also protect your wine from harmful vibrations as the SWE63001DG limits the vibrations from the compressor. This means you can keep your wine in the best condition.

Adjustable wooden shelves

With adjustable wooden shelves you have ultimate control over your wine cooler. If you don’t need to use all six shelves or just need them at different heights then you can make these changes with ease.

Constant temperatures

It’s important for your wine cooler to be at a consistent temperature to ensure your wine doesn’t get spoiled. You can set the wine cooler to temperatures 5-18° and let it chill your wine so you can enjoy it with family and friends.


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