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Top features:

– Carefully designed to stand out or blend into your living space

– Aluminium top with touch controls for easy use

– Stream all your favourite tracks through Bluetooth, Google Chromecast or Airplay

– True360 B&O signature sound for great audio quality

Carefully designed

The Bang & Olufsen M5 Smart Sound Speaker is designed to fit into any home. Featuring a wool fabric and aluminium, it’s a stunning looking speaker that is meant to stand out or blend in, depending on your preference.

The wool cover is made from textile designers at Kvadrat, who have created a fabric which compliments the sound and looks great.

Aluminium top

With simple-to-use touch controls on the aluminium top of the speaker, you can easily control your sounds directly from the speaker or even the app.

Don’t forget that you can also link other B&O speakers to this one to create a fuller sound or so you can play the same music for different rooms.

Stream all your favourite tracks

Streaming all your favourite playlists, radio station or audiobook has never been easier. With capabilities of Bluetooth, Google Chromecast, Airplay and DNLA, you can easily control your speaker from your smartphone or tablet and begin enjoying your speaker.

True 360

With True 360 B&O signature sound, you can get the best quality audio from the five individual speakers inside the M5 Speaker. Three evenly distributed tweeters, a front-facing mid-range driver and a powerful woofer provides uniform even sound that’s perfect for a relaxing evening in or giving you the boost you need for a Monday morning.


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