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Keep food fresher for longer

If you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s important to have fresh ingredients. The Beko Pro ASDM241Z American-Style Fridge Freezer‘s NeoFrost technology uses two separate cooling systems to maintain the ideal humidity levels. The result? Your fruit and veg stay fresher for longer, and there won’t be any mixing of odours between the fridge and freezer.

And when you’ve just got back from the shops, the Quick Cool and Fast Freeze settings are ideal for rapidly cooling everything down.

Enjoy chilled water on demand

Whether it’s a summer’s day or you’ve just got back from the gym, a glass of chilled water really hits the spot. The ASDM241Z has a non-plumbed water dispenser, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink at any time – simply top up the slimline 2-litre tank whenever you need to.

No need to defrost

Tired of spending your free time defrosting? The ASDM241Z Fridge Freezer has frost free technology to prevent ice from building up. So you’re free to get on with the rest of your day.

Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding – both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.


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