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Top features:

– Flexible fridge to freezer compartment

– Active Fresh Blue Light keeps food fresher for longer

– Fast Freeze and Quick Cool for speedy chilling

– NeoFrost technology maintains humidity

– Easy to use and operate

Flexible fridge to freezer

Whether you need more room in the fridge space for a big summer party or have a load of extra food that needs freezing over Christmas, the Beko GNE480E20FX Fridge Freezer‘s MultiZone compartment can become a fridge or a freezer at the touch of a button.

Active Fresh Blue Light

Active Fresh Blue Light in the Beko GNE480E20FX‘s crisper drawer keeps your fruit and veg fresher. The blue light continues your fruit and veg’s natural photosynthesis, so they retain their vitamins and nutrients for longer.
Fast Freeze and Quick Cool

When you need to get your foods chilled fast, this fridge freezer has both Fast Freeze and Quick Cool settings, which also helps preserve the taste and nutrients of freshly bought meat and veg. There’s also a chiller compartment that’s ideal for meat, fish and dairy.


NeoFrost technology throughout the fridge freezer maintains humidity for faster cooling and no frost build up. And Multi Air Cooling makes sure all sections are at an even temperature. This all helps to keep your foods chilled and tasting fresh for longer.

Easy to use

You can easily control the Beko¬†GNE480E20FX without needing to open the doors. The external touch control display lets you select Quick Cool, Fast Freeze, and more. You can even set it to use less energy when you’re on holiday.

And you can always see clearly inside your fridge freezer thanks to internal LED lighting.


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