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Top features:

– Removes airborne allergens using HEPA filters

– Maintain filter quality with a particle sensor

– Portable design with a near-silent operation

Removes airborne allergens

The Bionaire BAP1700-IUK Tower Air Purifier uses HEPA filters to create a healthy, fresh home environment, whilst also eliminating smells. The Air Purifier helps to keep the air in your home clean by filtering smoke, pet dander, pollen and dust, as well as airborne particles as small as 2 microns.

Using a five stage filtration system and four cleaning levels, the BAP1700 Air Purifier cleans the air to remove any airborne irritants from your home.

Maintain filter quality

It’s easy to keep your Air Purifier working at its best as the pre-filter can be washed and the HEPA filter can be vacuumed.

To ensure your air maintains the same quality in any situation the Bionaire Air Purifier has a particle sensor, which automatically adjusts the speed to optimise filtration.

Portable design

So that you can use the BAP1700 Purifier in any room, the carry handle and portable design lets you move the purifier wherever you need it. And with an 8 hour timer, you can set the Purifier to operate whenever you need it.

With a near-silent operation, the Bionaire BAP1700-IUK Tower Air Purifier is perfect for use in bedrooms to help allergy sufferers get to sleep, and won’t disturb anyone through the night.


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