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Top features: – Rotating powerbrush gives your carpet a deep clean – Edgesweep brushes tackle those difficult edges with ease – Storage is easier than ever thanks to the compact design Rotating powerbrush Give your carpets some extra TLC with the Bissell InstaClean Compact 48X4E Upright Carpet Cleaner. With the rotating powerbrush, your carpets will look cleaner than ever, as the carpet cleaner removes deep, embedded dirt and stains. Edgesweep brushes Don’t miss those stubborn edge spaces anymore. It can be such a pain having a freshly cleaned carpet, only to spot dirt along the edges. Luckily, the InstaClean Compact 48X4E comes with edgesweep brushes so that you won’t miss a spot. This gets your carpet looking and smelling fresh and new after every use. Storage is easier than ever Convenience is the name of the game with the InstaClean Compact 48X4E. Weighing only 6 kg, the compact and light design makes this cleaner easy to manoeuvre and store once you’re done using it. The handle is also retractable for even easier storage, so you can have clean carpets without having a cluttered closet. Carpet cleaning solutions Look out for our range of carpet cleaning