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Top features:

– Clean wet and dry spills easily with a handheld vacuum

– Remove dust from difficult-to-reach areas with a crevice tool

– Get rid of dust from your upholstery using a clean brush accessory

Clean wet and dry spills

The Black+Decker Wet & Dry Dustbuster WDB215WA-GB is a versatile handheld vacuum cleaner. It lets you clean wet and dry spills, and its small size makes it compact and lightweight enough to make cleaning a breeze. A translucent, bagless dust compartment makes it easy to know when to empty it.

Remove dust from difficult to reach areas

A crevice tool comes included to help you clean difficult to reach areas such as between sofa cushions, and tight areas between wardrobes.

Get rid of dust from your upholstery

Maintain your upholstery with a soft brush tool suited to cleaning fabrics. A wide mouth means the vacuum can effortlessly suck large debris.