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Top features: 

– Suitable for all floor types

– Always optimum bagless suction thanks to sensor technology

– Washable filters so you don’t need to replace anything

– Ideal for cleaning stairs, crevices and cars

Suitable for all floor types

Clean any type of floor in any room in your home, from carpets to hard floors and laminate using the All-floor power brush. The brush is easy to clean and remove caught up hairs from, making it great for removing stray pet hair from your sofa.

Always optimum suction thanks to sensor technology

Sensor bagless technology ensures constantly optimum suction performance. It does this by monitoring airflow. Should the airflow level drop, a blue light will turn red letting you know when to empty the dustbox.

Washable filters

Some cleaners can require costly replaceable filters. To make life easier, the Bosch Athlet RunTime + uses washable filters. Just wash, dry and return to the vacuum cleaner to maintain optimum cleaning performance.

Ideal for cleaning stairs, crevices and cars

Remove dust  from all areas of your home with an accessory kit that contains a hose, shoulder strap and nozzles to clean crevices, upholstery, stairs or your car.