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Top features:

– Powerful suction makes cleaning a breeze

– Lasting, high-tech filter for reduced costs

– Flexibility to reach hard corners

Powerful suction

From spilled cereal to dust and cobwebs, the Bosch Athlet Ultimate BCH732KTGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning and scooping dirt easy with a powerful 32.4 V motor and Bosch lithium-ion batteries.

The SmartSensor Control ensures the vacuum cleaner digs deep down in carpets for impeccable results.            

Lasting, high-tech filter

The BCH732KTGB‘s high-tech filter features a RotationClean System that maintains exhaust air clean and is washable. This ensures minimum maintenance and no additional purchases.

A simple click method lets you drop dust from the filter into the bin.


No place is hard to reach with the flexibility of this Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner.

Independent of wall sockets and thanks to a manoeuvrable nozzle attachment, it is simple to keep your upholstery looking as good as new. Move effortlessly around furniture and reach hidden corners under sofas, cupboards, and cabinets.