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Top features:

– LED lighting makes everything clear

– Fresher produce with FreshSense technology

– Auto defrost prevents any ice build-up

– Consume less energy with an A++ rating

LED Lighting

The LED light is an attractive bright light that makes it easier to see inside the fridge, and because it’s LED it’s energy efficient too.

Fresher produce

This Bosch KIR21VS30G Integrated Fridge will keep your produce fresher for longer, whilst still being energy efficient. It’s ideal if you want to reduce waste and save yourself money. FreshSense is a function that keeps the fridge and freezer at a constant, cool temperature. Ensuring your produce stays fresh and you have to throw away less.

Putting new food into your fridge after the weekly shop causes the internal temperature to increase, so your fridge has to work harder to cool down, and the food already stored in there can get warmer.

To prevent that from happening, this fridge has the SuperCool function so your food stays fresher for longer. SuperCool prepares your fridge by rapidly reducing the temperature, keeping the contents cool and protected.

Auto defrost

Automatic defrost in the fridge section ensures that your fridge doesn’t freeze over, and you don’t have to throw away all your food and spend a day defrosting it. Yet another feature that saves you money.

Consume less energy

This fridge has an energy efficiency class of A++, an excellent rating that proves this fridge will save you money on your utility bills. It also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee so you know you’re getting a quality product, but if anything does go wrong with it you’re covered.

Maintain a consistent temperature fridge and relax knowing your food won’t spoil as quickly thanks to the FreshSense and SuperCool technology in this Bosch KIR21VS30G Integrated Fridge.


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