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Top features:

– Get professional results with 20.2 MP CMOS sensor

– Achieve photos you can be proud of thanks to 65 cross-type AF

– Shoot the perfect composition thanks to Intelligent Viewfinder II

– Convenient connections make transferring data quick and simple

– Faster shooting with dual DIGIC 6 processors

Get professional results

With an impressive 20.2 MP CMOS sensor at its heart, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera gives you everything you’ll need to start shooting like a professional. Built around a tough magnesium-alloy body and an ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 16000 – further expandable to 51200 when required, there will hardly be anything you cannot capture.

This advanced sensor delivers eye-popping resolution in combination with excellent lenses, yet still manages to keep noise under tight control in the most extreme low-light conditions.

Achieve photos you can be proud of

The EOS 7D Mk 2 includes a redesigned autofocus system that builds on the previous incarnation to give you a staggering 65 cross-type AF points. Each focus point is a ‘cross-type’ meaning it can lock on to both horizontal and vertical detail with remarkable speed and accuracy.

Even in extreme low light conditions, it performs well letting you shoot confidently and focus even under moonlight conditions where light levels can be as low as -3EV. No matter what you want to shoot, from high speed sports, wildlife or even candid portraits, you’ll find the focus acquisition and tracking simply superb – opening up new possibilities with customisable controls that match your way of thinking, and with continuous shooting at an incredible 10 fps, you can be sure that you’ll never miss the action.

Shoot the perfect composition

The 100% Intelligent Viewfinder II delivers fantastically accurate information making it even easier to take the shots you want. With 100% coverage and 1.0x magnification you can frame and review your shots quickly, easily and most importantly accurately, even in direct sunlight, ideal for reportage photography on the move.

For consistent, accurate exposure metering the camera uses a 150,000-pixel sensor to split up the scene into 252 areas. Each area is then analysed and you can either continue automatically with the recommended exposure settings or it gives you the suggested exposure and lets you decide how you want to shoot. As well as measuring visible light levels, the camera also measures invisible infrared light to make focusing in reduced lighting conditions more accurate.

Convenient connections

Shoot high quality 1080 HD video with settings optimised for video use. Connect a microphone and headphones with dedicated ports that let you monitor sound levels of your movies as you shoot with an uncompressed (4:2:2) HDMI output including sound that gives you professional results in all your video projects.

CF and SD dual memory card slots mean you can easily read and write data while a high speed USB 3.0 port makes data transfer quick and efficient when it comes to downloading to your computer.

Faster shooting

The camera has been built for speed with dual DIGIC 6 processors that give you the fastest operating speeds possible, controlling all aspects of your camera from metering to auto-focusing. As well as lightning fast processing speeds, it has customisable controls that let you fine tune the layout of your camera for more responsive shooting.

Prioritise your most used commands to enjoy instinctive and ergonomic shooting and never miss a shot.


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