DENON Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers, Denon PMA-60 2.1 Stereo Amplifier & DCD-50 CD Player Bundle


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Get everything you need for a seamless music centre with the Definitive Technology Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers, Denon PMA-60 2.1 Stereo Amplifier & DCD-50 CD Player Bundle.

Definitive Technology Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers

Enjoy perfect definition in your music, with the Definitive Technology Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers.

With the clever Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS), low and mid-range frequencies travel further and sound much punchier than you’d expect from speakers this size. You’ll hear every nuance and detail.

Thunderous basslines are nothing without crisp percussion and soaring vocals to match. The D7‘s aluminium tweeters are engineered to provide absolute clarity at the highest frequencies, giving you every sound exactly as the artist intended.

With their subtle design, the Definitive Technology D7 Speakers look great wherever you listen. Both tweeters are offset by 5°, providing even greater audio precision and a standout look.

Denon PMA-60 2.1 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

With the Denon PMA-60‘s advanced audio processing, digital tracks sound remarkably close to the original studio recording. That means you’ll hear elements you’ve never heard before, making your music sound rich and immersive.

You can easily switch between your music and that action-packed blockbuster, too. With USB, optical and coaxial connections, you can connect your TV, laptop and record player at once. Make the Denon PMA-60 your home audio hub.

Take your music up a gear by adding a subwoofer. With the subwoofer pre-output at the back of the Denon PMA-60, you can add some extra depth to your music. Whether your go-to is floating synths or powerful guitar riffs, you’ll feel the tune as well as you can hear it.

Denon DCD-50 CD Player

No need to manually switch on the Denon DCD-50 when there’s a song you’re desperate to hear. With the remote control, you can program the CD player to switch on and play as soon as you insert a CD. Just put the disc in and unwind, without the hassle.

Denon DCD-50 CD Player features a high-quality conversion system that makes your music sound even better. And for the ultimate stress-free setup, a digital coaxial cable is included.

While the DCD-50 is eye-catchingly compact, it has another trick up its sleeve when space is limited. The display automatically adjusts when you place it vertically – that means you can easily place it on a bookshelf or your desktop and get straight into your music.


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