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Not your average Bluetooth speaker

Delivering 900 Watts of powerful sound, the Devialet¬†Phantom Reactor 900¬†is here to blow other Bluetooth speakers out of the water. Small but sophisticated, it’s loaded with unique patented tech to bring your music to life.

Get high fidelity audio with zero distortion thanks to Speaker Active Matching. Using maths (pretty clever), the speaker reproduces the exact rhythm and tempo of every song. So you can hear that epic drum solo just as it was recorded.

Feel it in your bones

Experience bass quiver and resonate through your body with the Devialet¬†Phantom Reactor 900‘s Heart Bass Implosion system. Using two sealed woofers, each thrust of bass delivers eye-watering sound you can physically feel. Impressive for a speaker the size of a football.

Omni-directional sound

Fill your living room with impressive audio that reaches every corner. The Active Cospherical Engine and spherical design spread soundwaves evenly from all directions. Whether you’re dancing by the speaker or perusing the nibbles, everyone at the party will hear the same balanced sound.

Well connected

Connecting is simple. With Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, easily pair your phone or tablet to get everyone dancing. Spotify Connect allows you to instantly stream your personally curated playlists straight from the app. And if you’ve left your phone in the other room, you can quickly pause or skip a track with the touch controls on top of the speaker.


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