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Top features:

– Head Tracking Mode lets you steer your aircraft with simple head movements

– Low lag transmission, for safe and accurate control of your drone

– Touchpad on headset for selecting modes without controller

– Watch and play external VR content

Head Tracking mode

Your DJI Goggles add another dimension to your flight. Switching to Fixed Wing Mode locks the forwardspeed of your drone, allowing it to fly with enough rotational movement for accurate flight simulation.

AR trajectory prediction makes it safer to fly in Fixed Wing Mode in complex environments. Combined with Head Tracking Mode, you can simply move your head to control your DJI Mavic Pro for the most realistic flying experience.

Low lag transmission

Lag is a drone pilot’s nightmare. It can be difficult to fly safely when the view you see from your drone is running slowly. DJI Goggles offer extremely low latency, giving you the comfort of knowing that the image you see is as close to real-time as possible.

The DJI’s wireless transmission system lets you connect up to four headsets to your drone at the same time, giving you the chance to share your flying skills with friends.


Change settings without removing your Goggles and stay in bird’s-eye view. With the intuitive touchpad you can access your drone’s intelligent flight modes with a few easy swipes and taps, handy if you’re not quite ready to come back down to earth yet.

Keep your drone airborne while switching to your favourite mode.

Watch and play external VR content

With the DJI Goggles, your VR capabilities aren’t just restricted to flying. When the weather’s too bad for a flight, you can still use your headset to play virtual reality games on your gaming laptop.

You’ll even be able to watch your favourite movies and connect up to your iPhone, iPad and Mac, creating a cinematic experience with just your smart device and headset.


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