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Top features:

– Dynamic cooking options make food preparation fun

– Enamel coating makes cleaning easier ever

– A rated energy efficiency helps you save money and the environment

Dynamic cooking options

The CBCONW18 Electric Oven is designed for your convenience, as it offers you a wide array of dynamic cooking options. The oven has a large, 64-litre capacity so you can prepare a large meal in a single go. This means you can spend less time preparing in the kitchen, and more time with your guests.

With several different oven options to choose from, you have all the flexibility in the world to prepare different courses. So, channel your inner Gordon Ramsey, and knock yourself out with your favourite and most experimental recipes.

This oven also comes with a built-in variable grill, so you can prepare a delicious snack or add the finishing touches to your meal.

Enamel coating

Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the CBCONW18‘s enamel-coated interior. The enamel coating is designed to catch grease and food particles inside the oven, so all it takes to clean is a quick wipe-down. This means that you can spend less time cleaning and more time cooking.

A rated energy efficiency

The efficient energy rating helps you save money on utilities. With an energy rating of A, this efficient oven not only lets you hang on to your hard-earned cash, it lets you do your part for the environment too.


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