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Top features:

– High energy efficiency to save you money

– Dynamic washing options with 6 different programs

– Save time and energy by using the half load function

– Keep your floors dry with overflow and leakage protection

High energy efficiency

The Essentials CDW60B18 Full-size Dishwasher uses less than 1 kW of energy for each cycle to save you money on your energy bills. It’s no surprise that it got an A++ energy rating.

Dynamic washing options

The CDW60B18 includes 6 different settings to wash a wide range of dishes. If you want something more thorough for those stubborn grease stains take advantage of the Intensive 65°C mode which delivers and A class rated wash in only 50 minutes.

If you’re taking a lunch container to work and you need your dishes cleaned in a hurry, switch to Quick 30′ 40°C mode to grab your dishes in just 30 minutes.

Save time and energy

The half load option gives you the opportunity to get your dishes cleaned without filling the entire dishwasher. This option is perfect if you don’t use all of your dishes at once, as it allows you to clean the dishes that you use without wasting time or energy.

Keep your floors dry

Don’t let a bad dishwasher destroy your kitchen floors with dirty water. The CDW60B18 comes with both overflow and leakage protection to ensure that the water stays in the dishwasher where it belongs.


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