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Top features: 

– Monitor your home and family while you’re away with 24/7 live streaming

– Get activity alerts on your phone or via email with three hours’ catch-up recordings

– Talk and listen via the camera to shoo pets, catch up with family or deter intruders

Monitor your home and family while you’re away

Keep watch over your possessions, pets and family members with the Nest Cam Twin-Camera Home Security Kit, an ideal solution when you’re away or out of the house all day. It allows for 24/7 streaming to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Simple, practical magnetic stands allow for easy positioning on any flat surface or wall, and you can plug the camera straight into your mains supply for reliable power. You’ll be able to complete setup from the Nest app on your device in a matter of minutes.

Get activity alerts on your phone

If anything happens in your home, Nest Cam lets you know – even if you’re not watching the video feed.

It will search for motion and unusual sounds, like loud bangs or glass breaking, then send you a phone or email alert along with a decisive image of what happened. Use the Nest app to check back on events from the previous three hours of recording.

Talk and listen via the camera

Equipped with a microphone and speaker, the Nest Cam allows you to hear goings-on at home so you can react faster. It’s great for everyday activities too – remind your family of things that need doing, shoo your pets out of rooms you don’t want them in, or even use your voice to deter intruders.

Pair your Nest Indoor Cam with compatible Nest Outdoor cameras, products and apps like Nest Aware (each sold separately) to access even more functions and improve your home security. It’s even possible to sync it with Nest lightbulbs and window blinds to create the impression of someone being at home.


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