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More screen for your entertainment

If you love to game, stream and scroll – do it on the Google Pixel 4. Everything looks fantastic on the bright and colourful 5.7” pOLED touchscreen. So go on then, give it a swipe.

Studio-quality photos, even at night

Want to snap an amazing shot of the NYC skyline? The wide and telephoto dual main cameras have you covered. And you can get the perfect in-the-club selfies for your night out thanks to the fantastic low light-capabilities. It’s so good in fact, it can even capture the Milky Way.

Wave to switch songs

Using Quick Gestures, you can create a gesture to skip to the next song or snooze an alarm without touching your phone. Great for if you’re eating and don’t want to get your screen greasy.

An Assistant of your own

Your daily tasks just got that little bit simpler. Google Assistant is here to give you hand, whether you want to send a text, get directions to a friend’s house or set yourself a reminder to buy some milk. All you have to do is give your Pixel 4 a squeeze or ask, “Hey Google.”

A battery that will last

Leave the charger at home. With a battery lasting up to 24 hours, the Pixel 4 lets you keep going all day long. To save you some juice, the adaptive battery learns which apps you love and reduces the power on the ones you only use occasionally. Clever.


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