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Top features:

– Efficient performance that saves you time, money while maintaining food freshness

– Plenty of storage space and compartments to keep your food organised for greater accessibility

– Faster freezing to keep food frozen

– Fully integrated design with reversible door

Efficient performance

Save money for the things you really love and stay kinder to the environment, as this Gorenje FIU6F091AWUK Freezer is rated A+ for energy efficiency.

Faster freezing

The quality, freshness and flavour of your food is maintained for longer with the FastFreeze function which rapidly freezes your food in temperatures as low as -24°C. This function automatically turns off after a period of time to conserve energy consumption.

Plenty of storage space

Stock up on your essentials and favourites and make less trips to the supermarket with the generous 96 litre capacity which is ideal for couples or small families.

Plus, you can separate and organise your shopping into the three drawers made from clear durable plastic, so you can see what you have stored at first glance.

Fully integrated design with reversible door

Position this freezer to suit your kitchen layout thanks to the reversible door which allows you to open from either the left or the right side –  ideal for homes with limited space.

Enjoy the convenience of this fully integrated freezer which only requires opening one door as the fixed flat hinge connects the freezer door to the cupboard door for seamless opening.



Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding – both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.


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