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Keep your food fresher for longer

Enjoy fresher food throughout the week with the Haier HTF-540DGS7 Fridge Freezer. Its isolated My Zone drawer in the fridge is ideal for your favourite food. You can set the temperature for this compartment independently of the rest of the fridge, so you can lock in the nutrients and taste of your food.

There is also a Humidity Zone which helps to keep moisture levels high. Your fruit and veg will stay fresh and nutritious, so you won’t have to waste money replacing anything that’s gone bad.

Never defrost again

Tired of spending your free time defrosting? By preventing frost from building up in any of the compartments, you can maximise the available storage space and save yourself a chore.

Efficient and stylish

The glass finish of the HTF-540DGS7 makes it an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. It’s easy to clean too, finished with a fingerprint resistant material to keep it looking pristine.

But it’s not just easy on the eye. It delivers an efficient performance with an A++ energy rating, while the inverter compressor keeps it running quietly in the background.

Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding – both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.


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