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Smart screen to control the appliance

Whether your home is already full of smart tech or you’re just getting started, the Haier HTF-552DGS6U1 Smart Fridge Freezer adds smart connectivity to your kitchen. The interactive touchscreen makes it easy to do everything from searching for recipes to shopping online. There are even internal cameras to quickly check what’s inside the appliance without needing to open the door.

Control the fridge freezer using your voice through Alexa, or connect your phone to make changes from anywhere.

Rapidly lower the temperature

Intelligent Fresher Sensors on each shelf of the fridge detect increases in temperatures, pumping in cold air to where it’s needed to keep everything cool. This makes it an efficient choice, keeping your food fresher for longer without wasting energy.

In the freezer, you can use the removable Fresher Pad to speed up the freezing process. Flavour and nutrients are locked into your food, so you can enjoy delicious meals throughout the week.

Flexible temperature zone to suit your needs

Need extra freezing space? Or perhaps you’re storing snacks for a party? The HTF-552DGS6U1‘s flexible temperature zone can be converted to run as either a fridge or freezer section, giving you even more storage options.


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