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Top features:

– Totally frost free for simple maintenance

– Choose how you chill food with Multi Function Pantry

– Touch controls for easy, whole-family use

– Energy efficient performance saves money on household bills

Totally frost free

Save trips to the supermarket and enjoy fresh tasting food with the Hisense RQ689N4BF1 Fridge Freezer. With a huge capacity across both the fridge and freezer cavities, you’re able to purchase the food you need in a single trip and be assured you have the space.

The freezer is totally frost free, too, which means it’s easy to maintain and you won’t lose any space to build-ups of ice.

Choose how you chill food

Choose the right temperature to suit the food you have. The Hisense RQ689N4BF1 features three cavities, each with adjustable temperature settings, putting you one step ahead when preparing meals.

The Multi Function Pantry lets you store food without affecting the temperature in other cavities. Set to 0°c to extend the freshness of meat and fish, or between 3 and 5°c to store dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

With its ability to keep food either frozen or chilled, the Multi Function Pantry makes a handy overflow space for both your fridge and freezer.

Touch controls

Getting to grips with the Hisense RQ689N4BF1 Fridge Freezer is easy. No multi-function buttons that do everything based on how many times you press, just simple touch controls.

With a simple tap of the finger, you can adjust temperatures to lock in the freshness of your food, switch to holiday mode, and more.

Energy efficient performance

Your fridge freezer is one of the few appliances that’s never switched off, so it’s great to know it runs efficiently. The Hisense RQ689N4BF1 has an A+ energy rating, so you can rest assured that you’re saving money on utility bills and conserving energy at the same time.


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