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Top features:

– Find the perfect cycle for your load with 6 programs

– Interact with your dishwasher in a new way with NFC One Touch

– Make life easier with residual drying, delay start and other features

Find the perfect cycle

Different dishes require a different wash, and with the Hoover HDI 1LO63S-80 Full Size Fully Integrated NFC Dishwasher it’s easy to find the perfect cycle no matter what’s in your load.

With 6 programs to choose from, whether you’ve got heavily dirtied tray that needs an intensive cycle, or all the glasses have been used and they just need a rinse, everything will come out perfectly clean every time.

For when you’re in a hurry, the rapid quick wash cycle is only 29 minutes, and can have the plates and cutlery ready before dinner is even out of the oven. For when you have more time, the eco mode helps you save energy while still delivering a stunning clean – no more leftover stains or smears on your glassware.

It can be annoying when you have a couple of plates leftover that simpy won’t fit in. With 16 place settings and a variety of loading options, it’s easy to make the most of the space and get as much as possible washed in one go.

Interact with your dishwasher

With NFC One Touch, it’s easy to get the most out of the HDI 1LO63S-80, and interact with your dishwasher in a whole new way.

Not only can you add up to 20 more wash programs and give yourself even more flexibility to find the perfect cycle, you can also do a smart check-up at any time to see that all the major components of the appliance are working correctly. Using NFC, the HDI 1LO63S-80 can also alert you as to when the filter needs cleaning, so you can keep your dishwasher running at it’s best.

It doesn’t stop there. With the SimplyFi app, you can tell your dishwasher what you’re washing and how soiled it is, and the HDI 1LO63S80 will automatically choose the most suitable wash program, saving you time and money. The dishes have never been less of a chore.

Make life easier

The HDI1LO63S80 has loads of extra features which will make life just that little bit easier. With delay start, you can set the dishwasher to start in 3, 6 or 9 hours time, letting you take advantage of cheaper overnight energy rates and still have everything clean in time for breakfast. With a height adjustable upper basket, you can fit in anything without having to worry about fragile bits like wine glasses getting damaged.

Because it can be pretty annoying when everything comes out wet, there’s even a hot rinse feature which generates steam to dry the contents of the load after the wash. You’ll be able to use your plates and crockery straight out of the dishwasher.


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