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Consider the Hoover Jovis+ SM18DL4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for flexible, powerful cleaning.

Cordless handheld vacuum

The Hoover Jovis + SM18DL4 is a powerful cordless handheld vacuum designed for getting your vacuuming done in no time. With 18 V of power to play with, you can be assured that all those dog hairs and dust will be efficiently removed.

Importantly, this handheld model is extremely lightweight – at just 1.28 kg, it is very easy to lift and manoeuvre – great for cleaning awkward stairwells and removing cobwebs from the ceiling.

Long running time

This handheld is the most powerful in the Jovis+ range, running for 20 minutes – and with a charge time of just four hours, you can get all your vacuuming done in one go.

LED battery status indicator

The Jovis+ cordless models have a handy LED battery status indicator so you know exactly when your Hoover is ready for a recharge – this helps you plan your cleaning effectively.

Extra tools included

This Jovis + boasts an extra hose attachment, so you have extra length for those particularly hard to reach spots. In addition, there is a crevice tool for accessing narrow areas like in-between the banisters or under the sofa, and a dusting brush for gentle cleaning of a wide range of surfaces like the grouting in between tiles. For a lightweight, easy to use cleaner, look no further than the Hoover Jovis+ SM18DL4 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.