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Top features:

– Freeze Care technology preserves your food for longer

– Easy storage thanks to the large capacity

– Frost free makes cleaning a breeze

Freeze Care technology

Keep your food fresh and nutritious with Hotpoint Active Quattro HQ9 E1L Fridge Freezer‘s Freeze Care technology. A small electronic fan is built inside the appliance to chill and freeze your food in half the time of a standard freezer, so you get to keep your favourite foods fresh and tasty for longer.

A multipower inverter compressor works to correct the temperature as quickly as possible, such as when the door is open while you store the weekly shopping.

Easy storage

With the Active Quattro HQ9E1L Fridge Freezer, convenience is the name of the game. The large 591 litre capacity gives you flexible food storage options to fit all your needs. This means that you can prepare your meals for the week without overstuffing the fridge.

With a 700 mm depth, this fridge freezer fits in next to your kitchen counter seamlessly. This means you won’t have to do any contortion to load and unload your fridge.

Frost free

Cleaning the freezer is a breeze thanks to the frost free and Active Defrost function. This appliance comes with technology that prevents ice-build up, so you don’t need to chip away at frozen walls to make space for your food. Whenever you want to clean the freezer, all it takes is a simple wipe-down, so leave the ice-pick behind.


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