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Top features:

– Bluetooth playback offers smooth streaming up to 15 metres away

– 10 hour battery life is perfect for all day use

– Front USB offers simultaneous playback and charging of smartphone

– Removable bag delivers portability and sustainably-sourced style

Bluetooth playback

Get ready for barbecue season with the House of Marley Bag of Riddim 2 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your portable speaker via Bluetooth to enjoy your favourite tunes without the hassle of cables. Audio is still delivered in crystal clear quality even when your device is 15 metres away from the speaker, so you aren’t stuck next to it when you’re providing the soundtrack to your mate’s garden party.

10 hour battery life

There’s no need to bring a back-up speaker when going to the park with your mates. When you leave the house with your fully charged House of Marley Bag of Riddim 2 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, you can expect to get up to 10 full hours of playback time. Playback is still possible while the speaker is charging at home, and with sound quality on par with your home audio set up, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything else.

Front USB

If your phone’s low on juice when you’re streaming to your portable speaker, you won’t have to find a charger. Just plug your USB cable into the port at the front and connect to your phone. While the Bag of Riddim 2 takes care of recharging your phone, you’ll still get seamless playback via the USB port. Switching between Bluetooth and USB playback is easy, letting you keep the music flowing for as long as you like.


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