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Top features:

– Cool switch turns the freezer into a fridge

– Energy efficient freezer saves on energy bills

– Lid stays open with counterbalanced hinges

Cool switch

When you need some extra fridge space, you can switch the Indesit DCF 1A 250.1 Chest Freezer into a fridge and keep your food just cool, not frozen. It’s also handy for slow defrosting, as temperatures are brought up to a little above freezing.

Energy efficient

When you’re trying to save energy, it can be easy to forget that you’ve got a freezer chilling in the back of the garage. This is why the Indesit DCF 1A 250 has an A+ energy rating – you can leave it running and not worry about it impacting too heavily on your electricity bill.

Lid stays open

Keeping a lid propped open while you’re trying to load in a selection of frozen pizzas or poultry makes the whole exercise much more difficult than it needs to be. The Indesit DCF 1A 250.1 Freezer‘s lid stays open, freeing up a hand to store or retrieve frozen goodies.


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