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The Indesit eXtra Baby Care DIFP8T96ZUK Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher turns up the heat to banish bacteria from your dishwasher. The Baby Care cycle washes at 72°C, killing off 99.9% of bacteria – perfect for rinsing off dummies, bottles and even toys (if you can get your kids to part with them).

If you really want to make sure your baby’s stuff is clean, Indesit recommend doing an additional clean using a sterile solution.

Not only does eXtra Hygiene provide excellent cleaning, but it only helps to dry your stuff. No more dripping trays as you’re unloading the dishwasher.


Bottles. Dummies. Spoons. There’s so many things that need washing when your new bundle arrives. And they’re all small, which means they could get lost in your dishwasher.

That’s why the eXtra Baby Care has the BabyZoo – it’s a dedicated area for these kind of things. You can stack and store them separately from anything else in your dishwasher.

The BabyZoo has colourful animal shapes too, so it looks as nice as it is useful.


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