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Top features: – Dry and damp mop cleans all your surfaces – North Star Navigation system for efficient cleaning – Easy to use and operate Dry and damp mop Keep your floors spotlessly clean with the iRobot Braava 390T Floor Mopping Robot. This robot mop whizzes around your surfaces to mop up spillages and dirt and leave your floors with a gleaming finish. It works as both a dry and a damp mop, so whatever the spill it’s got you covered. North Star Navigation system Thanks to the iRobot Braava‘s North Star Navigation system works like an indoor GPS to make sure the mop knows where it’s already cleaned, and where it needs to go. Easy to use TheĀ Braava 390T is no fuss to use, just attach cleaning cloths to the mop and send it on its way. It’s quiet too, so it won’t disturb you when it’s getting things clean. When it’s all cleaned out and runs out of energy, just pop it on its charging dock and it’ll soon be ready for more.