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Top features:

– Powerful blending with Intelli-Speed motor control

– Four speeds for the ideal blend

– Sturdy base with simple LED touch panel controls

Powerful blending

Ensure your ingredients are blended fully thanks to the powerful motor on the KitchenAid 5KSB1585BER Diamond Blender.

It creates a vortex when blending which helps mix everything in the jug, and its Intelli-Speed motor control senses what contents you have inside and keeps an optimal speed to blend them.

Four speeds

There’s a speed setting for whatever you might need, with chop, mix, puree, or liquefy settings on the blender.

You can also use the pulse function and crush ice setting for optimal results, and the soft-start feature blends slowly at first which is ideal for hot foods and splatter reduction.

Sturdy base

Everything will stay in place while blending thanks to the sturdy base, which also has simple white LED touch panel controls, making it easy to choose the right setting.


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