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A cinema in your pocket

Enjoy a crisp picture wherever you are with the Kodak Luma 350 Smart Full HD Mini Projector. The compact and portable design means you can turn your garden into an outdoor cinema for some summer fun with friends.

And with a 2-hour rechargeable battery, you can watch an entire movie from your patio. Or your paddling pool. Or anywhere really.

Connect, project and play

Wireless or wired, the Kodak RODPJS350 gives you plenty of options. You can project wirelessly from your phone, and liven up the party by streaming music videos off YouTube. Want to watch a film without digging out a cable? Load your favourite movies onto a microSD card to watch straight from the projector.

Or if you fancy gaming on the go, you can hook up your console to the HDMI port. Ever wanted to play FIFA on your bedroom ceiling? Well here’s your chance.

Don’t forget your accessories

Get your Mini Projector set up in no time with a tripod, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film. And when you’re screening outside, a power bank is ideal for staying powered up.


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