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Top features:

– Huge multidoor storage for your entire grocery shop

– Adjust the temperature from your smartphone with Smart ThinQ

– Plumbed water and ice dispenser for instant refreshment

– Multi Air Flow keeps food fresher for longer

– Quiet inverter motor reduces energy consumption

Huge multidoor storage

The LG GML936NSHV Smart Fridge Freezer doesn’t just keep your food fresh – it makes your life easier too. Its large capacity has all the space you need for your entire grocery shop.

The top fridge section opens into one large area, so you can neatly arrange your meat, fruit and vegetables. Two salad compartments, a bottle rack, and an egg rack keeps everything else within easy reach.

Adjust the temperature from your smartphone

You can do so much more with the GML936NSHV. It has WiFi built-in so you can control its temperature from your smartphone, monitor its energy consumption, and diagnose any problems, should you ever need to.

Just download the Smart ThinQ smartphone app for iOS and Android, and pair your phone with the appliance to get started. Now you can control your fridge freezer without being in the same room.

Plumbed water and ice dispenser

Get an instant burst of refreshment, thanks to a plumbed water and ice dispenser. It connects seamlessly to your water supply, so there are no water tanks to refill. Don’t forget to top up your drink with cubed or crushed ice.

Multi Air Flow keeps food fresher

The GML936NSHV has Multi Air Flow cooling, which means the temperature is always kept even throughout your fridge freezer. And with Total No Frost technology, you’ll never have to manually defrost your freezer – just sit back and relax.

Quiet inverter motor

The last thing you want is a noisy fridge freezer. Thankfully LG’s Linear Compressor motor runs quietly, as well as being efficient to help you lower your energy consumption.  


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