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Top features:

– Compact size for easy setup and transportation

– Display photos and videos from your Android phone with Screen Share

– Hook up your Bluetooth speakers for a superior wireless audio experience

– 4 hour battery life, enough for two movies

Compact size

Portable entertainment doesn’t have to mean a smaller screen. The LG PH30JG Smart HD Ready Mini Projector is capable of projecting a 100” picture in HD quality while weighing little more than your tablet.

It fits easily into your backpack, so you can watch movies in silver screen style wherever you go. And with wireless connectivity, you’ll be watching your favourite content in seconds.

Display photos and videos from your Android phone

Ditch the cumbersome cables and connect your Android phone wirelessly with Screen Share.

As well as sharing your own photos and videos, it’s great for watching the latest viral videos doing the rounds on YouTube, or the box sets people are raving about on Netflix.

And with wireless playback, you aren’t tethered to the projector when the pizza arrives.

Hook up your Bluetooth speakers

Add to your wireless entertainment hub by pairing your LG PH30JG with wireless speakers via Bluetooth. Whether you’re using a sound bar for movie night, a portable speaker for smaller gatherings, or watching a box set in bed with headphones, pairing Bluetooth audio with your projector is simple.

Try matching your big screen with big sound for an even better viewing experience.

4 hour battery life

Enjoy console gaming sessions and long films without the battery life worry in the back of your mind. The LG PH30JG lasts for up to 4 hours without needing juice, so you’re still able to binge-watch box sets and make it to the movie outtakes the same way you can with your TV.

Don’t forget your accessories

Get your Mini Projector set up in no time with a tripod, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film.


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