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Top features:

– Get the party started with this powerful speaker

– Multi-colour mood lighting sets the tone for your party

– Sing your heart out and mix your favourite songs with DJ Pro and Karaoke mode

– Play tunes via Bluetooth or the aux cord for easy access

Get the party started

Blast all the new and old hits with the LG XBOOM OK55 Megasound Party Hi-Fi System. With two speakers and a range of pre-set sound modes, you can tailor your music to sound exactly the way you want it to. Set it to ‘Rock’ mode to focus on the heavy guitar and drum sounds or to ‘Pop’ while you blast out all your friends favourite chart songs. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

The X-Shiny Woofer lets you feel the deep and rich bass from your drum n bass, electro synth-pop or even hip hop music. There’s nothing like a deep bass to help get everyone’s feet moving on a Saturday night.

Multi-colour mood lighting

The multicolour mood lighting makes it more than just a listening experience. You can set the right mood for the night with a particular colour and plan your party around the large speaker design to show off to friends and family.

Sing your heart out

Take your music to the next level with the professional DJ Pro feature. With eight mix buttons, a sample creator and DJ Loop initiator you can control the OK55 to let you create unique mixes for your guests and customise tracks. Perfect for those music genre specific parties or to change the mood as the night grows older.

Gather everyone around for a singing session with the karaoke feature. With two available mic inputs, you can plug some microphones in, push the button to remove the vocals from your favourite track and begin the performance. You’ll also get the innovative pitch adjustment, ideal if you’re not always in the right key!

Play tunes

Featuring a Bluetooth connection and aux cord, you can use your phone, tablet or even computer to plug in and play your mixtapes from. The multiple options make it easy to chop and change your sound setup wherever you are so you don’t ever have to be without your banging tunes.


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