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Top features:

– Get the party started with 550 W of power

– Sing along to your favourite hits with karaoke and vocal effects

– DJ wirelessly from your phone with MusicFlow app

– Connect to your LG TV wirelessly and control with a single remote

Get the party started

Blast out the tunes you love, with the LG XBOOM RK7 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker. With two speakers and an impressive 550 W of power, this single unit is able to effortlessly fill the room with sound, making it ideal for parties.

Featuring Bluetooth apt:X technology, you can stream music in high definition from the other side of the room with your phone or tablet. Not only will you hear your music in superb clarity, you won’t need to hover around the speaker to manage your playlist.

Sing along to your favourite hits

Think you can improve on the original tune? With the push of a button, the LG RK7 can suppress the vocals of any song. Plug in the microphone and sing your heart out, with the help of a few useful effects. Change the key of the track to better suit your vocal range, and choose from effects like soprano and duet to make your karaoke cover sound that much better.

DJ wirelessly from your phone

Put your own unique stamp on your playlist from anywhere in the room with the LG XBOOM RK7‘s accompanying app. In DJ mode, you have access to a range of effects like delay, flanger and phaser, letting you add tension and excitement to the build-up of the track.

And if you feel the music could be louder, you can create a party-chain and connect your RK7 with nine other compatible speakers. So, every guest will hear the mix loud and clear.

Connect to your LG TV wirelessly

Whether you want to hear the football commentary or lose yourself in cinematic action scenes, the LG XBOOM RK7 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker makes it easy. It can connect to your TV wirelessly, and be placed anywhere in your TV room for the most immersive viewing experience. And once you’re connected you can control it with your TV remote for the ultimate convenience.


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