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Top features:

 Lock-in freshness with BioFresh drawers

 Prevent ice build-up with NoFrost technology

 Easily find ingredients with bright LED lighting

– Rapidly lower the temperature of your fridge freezer to keep groceries chilled

Lock-in freshness

The BioFresh drawers in this Liebherr ICBN3324 Integrated Fridge Freezer create the optimum environment for prolonging the life of groceries.

Thanks to the cleverly balance temperature and humidity levels, cheese can be stored for an extra 100 days, carrots for additional 30 days and grapes for 17 days, so less fresh food will be wasted and every meal will taste fresh and delicious.

Prevent ice build-up

No Frost technology prevents ice from building up inside your freezer cavity. Lining the inner walls, this helpful feature will allow you to enjoy maximum space for flexible storage.

Easily find ingredients

Quickly find ingredients when cooking mouth-watering meals with the integrated bright LED light, which illuminates the entity of your fridge freezer cavity.

LED lighting is environmentally friendly, giving off the minimal amount of heat so your fridge can concentrate on staying cool.

Rapidly lower the temperature of your fridge

Quickly chill newly bought groceries to lock in flavour, freshness and nutrients with Liebherr’s useful cooling features. SuperCool lowers the fridge temperature to +2°C for three, six, nine or twelve hours, so you can rapidly chill groceries when you are back from the supermarket, whilst the SuperFrost feature lowers the freezers temperature to -32°C for rapid freezing of frozen goods.


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