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Excellent sound quality

The Marantz CD5005 CD Player plays your CDs with perfect clarity, no matter how loud you listen. Thanks to its top quality digital-to-analogue conversion, you’ll hear all the crisp cymbals and driving bass that are often lost in the mix.

With high grade components and a new transport system to spin your discs, the Marantz CD5005 preserves your CDs and takes the sound far beyond traditional CD quality.

Listen in any order

Explore your favourite music in a new way. The Marantz CD5005‘s Random Playback function puts your CDs ‘on shuffle’, so you’re always pleasantly surprised when the next track comes up. It’s ideal for refreshing those catchy albums that get played on loop.

Pitch control

The CD5005 has a ton of features to suit the way you listen. Change the playback speed and pitch to keep your playlist feeling up-tempo and energetic. Adjust your headphone volume when you’re listening late in the evening with dedicated controls. Boost the sound quality even further by turning off the display and pitch control when you’re not using them.


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