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Iconic Marshall design

Listen to that powerful guitar solo on a speaker that pays tribute to your favourite guitarists’ setup, with the Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker is crafted to look like a classic Marshall amplifier head, combining a timeless design with new technology.

The analogue rotary controls are designed just like amplifier controls, adding an authentic feel and precise control over your tunes. So, whatever music you love, it’ll sound just as good as it looks.

Bluetooth 5.0

No need to trail wires across the room to hear that overdriven riff in all its glory. The Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 technology, letting you connect your smartphone or tablet from across the room. It even has multi-host functionality, which is perfect when sharing DJ duties at parties, or if you have two devices with different music libraries.

Tweak your sound

Selecting a track isn’t the only thing you can do remotely with the Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker. The Marshall Bluetooth app gives you full control of the sound itself, letting you tweak the EQ to suit the music you love. Crank up the bass for the full impact of the kick drum, or turn up the highs to hear the crisp sound of the hi-hats.


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