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Top features:

– Air-sterilising ioniser destroys viruses, bacteria, germs and odours

– Laundry+ function alters power consumption based on dryness of clothing and air

– Multiple safety features add to appliance’s overall reliability

– Super condenser delivers efficient performance even at 1°C

Air-sterilising ioniser

The Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier is designed to improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe. Using patented technology, the dehumidifier sterilises every breath of air you take and keeps the immediate environment free from harmful pathogens, helping you stay healthy. Viruses, bacteria, mould, odours and germs are destroyed, so you can breathe easy.

You can monitor everything using the digital display. Images and texts show you the time, room humidity, temperature and timer settings at a glance. Plus, if the dehumidifer detects that the humidity level is rising, it can automatically turn itself on to lower the humidity to a comfortable level.

Laundry+ function

The DD8L Zambezi has a laundry function slightly different to other dehumidifiers. Instead of running flat out, the energy saving Laundry+ mode regularly samples the air and adjusts the power usage based on the humidity. This means you know that your appliance is running efficiently for even the most demanding tasks.

Multiple safety features

The dehumidifier has a list of safety features that make it reliable in any domestic setting. As well as an auto switch-off function and overheat protectors, the DD8L Zambezi also has a child lock and a tip over cutout so you can be sure your family are safe at all times.

Use the timer to take advantage of cheaper electricity costs at night. It’s also ideal for getting your clothes dry – just set the time you need and stay in control.

Super condenser

Even in the coldest conditions, the DD8L Zambezi efficiently purifies the air. There’s no energy wasted defrosting frozen coils inside the appliance. Simply switch the Zambezi to the setting you want and it’s ready to go. 


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