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Top features:

– Space saving size can fit anywhere

– Efficient water and energy usage reduces your impact on the environment

– Perfect glasscare will keep your glasses from going cloudy in soft water

– 24 hour delay start option will keep the dishwasher on your schedule

– SensorDry adjusts drying times as needed for each load

Space saving

The Miele G4620SCi Slimline Semi-Integrated Dishwasher is only 45 cm wide, so you can slot it into any kitchen. It can still fit in nine place settings, and the adjustable upper basket can adapt to either holding long-stemmed glasses or large pans in the lower basket.


More efficient than washing by hand, the Miele G4620SCi Semi-Integrated Dishwasher¬†can complete a full cycle while using less water than it takes to fill the kitchen sink. Electricity consumption is low too, earning it an A+ energy rating. This is thanks to the connection to your hot water line, which means it doesn’t have to heat up the water at the start of each cycle.

Perfect glasscare

If water is softened too much it can leave glasses cloudy, ruining their pristine look. The Miele G4620SCi Dishwasher¬†tests the water as it’s being used, and adjusts the softener content accordingly.

24 hour delay start

Get the dishes done on your schedule. You can program the dishwasher to finish shortly before you get home, or to run in the middle of the night and take advantage of the cheaper energy tariffs.


Different loads take different lengths of time to dry, and other things like the temperature of your kitchen canalso affect drying times. The Miele G4620SCi uses sensors to track whether everything is dry, and adjusts drying times on the fly.


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