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Top features:

– Save water and electricity with Miele’s freshwater design

– Enjoy flexible loading options which can be adjusted to suit every load

– Automatic load recognition means you don’t need to fill the dishwasher to run a cycle

– Miele’s water protection guarantee gives you peace of mind that your home is protected

Save water and electricity

The automatic program of this Miele dishwasher can complete a cycle using as little as six and a half litres of water. This is less water than is needed to fill your kitchen sink, so you clean your pots and pans without worrying about excessive water usage.

The ECO mode will also help to lower your energy consumption, helping you to remain kinder to the environment.

Enjoy flexible loading options

The MultiComfort area in the lower basket of this G4990Vi Full-size Integrated Dishwasher is designed to ensure that you can load all your crockery, cutlery, pans and glassware safely and securely, whilst making the most of the available space.

The upper basket is height-adjustable and can be moved into nine different positions. You can easily lower the basket if you’re washing tall glasses, or raise it if you have big pots and pans in the lower basket.

The cutlery tray is useful for keeping your knives and forks organised while they wash, and the double row of spikes in the lower basket make loading plates and bowls quick and easy. The ComfortClose door remains in the position of your choice, making loading and unloading even easier.

Automatic load recognition

The reduced load feature automatically detects the amount of crockery in the baskets and adjusts water and electricity to the required levels. This smart feature means you won’t have to wait until the dishwasher is full to run a cycle, and that you will only ever use the energy required.

Miele’s water protection guarantee

Miele’s waterproof system protects against water damage, so you can set your dishwasher running without worrying about accidental damage to your kitchen or utility room. 


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