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Suited to smaller kitchens and space, the Miele UiF K9124 Integrated Undercounter Fridge is also great as a secondary refrigerator and features an icebox for essential freezing.

Compact cooling

Designed for practical storage while saving space, the Miele K9124 gives you two shelves and three door compartments to keep fresh food, bottles and jars neatly arranged.

Keep fruit and vegetables crisp and tasty in the salad drawer, while dividable shelves let you reconfigure the space depending on what you’ve brought home.

Integrated icebox

Freeze small portions of food like a couple of packs of meat, bags of vegetables or your favourite dessert in the four-star rated icebox. It comes with an ice cube tray so you’re always prepared to make a refreshing chilled drink.

Practical refrigeration

You’ll be able to remove the ComfortClean shelves from your K9124 UiF Fridge to clean in the dishwasher, making it so simple to maintain a perfectly clean storage space.

LED lighting allows you to find what you want anytime by evenly illuminating the cabinet throughout. They’re also great for energy saving and last longer than conventional bulbs.

Rated A++ for its energy-saving performance, the Miele UiF K9124 Integrated Undercounter Fridge will fit into your home discreetly while providing the storage space you need.


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