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This Neff N50 KI1212F30G Mini Fridge uses intelligent technology and utilises clever design techniques to bring you fantastic refrigeration for your food.

Intelligent sensors

VitaControl uses intelligent sensors that monitor the temperature within the appliance and the room, ensuring a constant interior temperature which provides your food with an optimal storage climate.

Specially designed

The fruit and vegetable drawer has a rippled base that allows air to circulate under the chilled produce, so it stays fresh and crisp for longer.

The telescopic FlexiRail drawers are on easy and smooth sliding rails that provide better access to your drawers, so it’s easier to reach the peppers at the back.

LED light

The attractive and bright LED light makes it easier for you to see inside your fridge so you can find your food faster, and it consumes less energy.

Auto defrost

The fridge automatically defrosts so you don’t have to spend the time doing so.


When you add new items to the fridge after your weekly shop, it increases the temperature of the rest of the fridge, so it has to work harder to cool down. SuperCool prevents this by rapidly reducing the temperature, keeping all the contents cool and fresh.

With an energy rating of A++ to save you money on your utility bills and SuperCool function to keep food fresh, this Neff N50 KI1212F30G Mini Fridge is a great addition to any home.


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