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Vibrant, foam-free smoothies

Ever left your smoothie in the fridge overnight only for it to turn a funny colour? With the Ninja Nutri Ninja FreshVac BL580UKV Blender‘s FreshVac technology, you’ll enjoy a bright, silky-smooth drink that looks as good as when you first made it.

Oxygen causes fruit and veg to discolour, and no wants a brown smoothie. The FreshVac pump sucks out the air before you blend, leaving you with a smoother consistency with less foam and separation.


Get flawlessly smooth results without having to think about it.  If you’re making a smoothie or extracting some juice, select one of the Auto-iQ programmes and let it do the work for you. No guesswork required.

A powerful blend

Whether you’re whizzing up whole fruits and veg or adding nuts and seeds for a bit of protein for your smoothie, get a consistent blend every time. Ninja’s patented Pro Extractor Blades combine with the 1000-watt motor to give you a powerful, reliable performance. It will even crush ice – perfect for crafting a refreshing slushy on a hot summers’ day.

Blend and go

Bring your post-workout smoothie along to the gym with you. Simply blend into your Nutri Ninja cup, pop on a Sip & Seal lid and head out the door. When you’ve finished your drink, it can go straight in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.


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